Thomas R Alexander

Manager, Developer, and professional problem solver

About Me

My name is Tom Alexander and I am an engineering manager with many years of development experience. My experience ranges from various back-end languages like PHP, Python, Golang, and Java to Javascript/React, and HTML/CSS. I enjoy development on both sides of the spectrum because it keeps me focused on efficiency and the user experience.

Resume Summary

Innovative, entrepreneurial, and professional problem-solving technology expert with three years of management experience and 15 years of software development experience.

  • Servant-style, motivational manager with experience in developing and hiring great talent, managing multiple teams and projects, and improving delivery of software
  • Previously a developer on several large-profile enterprise projects, including SYNC AppLink and AJ The Fiesta (social media experiment with cloud computing)
  • Obtained TS/SCI security clearance at the Department of Defense in 2008
  • Strong innovator and leader with four patents in cloud computing, web services, and mobile development earned from 2009-2011