Basement update!

I apologize for not posting much progress since Day 5; dry wall takes a long time and much hasn’t changed (at least what the eye can see from a picture). Since Day 5, the workers have primed the drywall and painted it white. The painting starts today. I elected to go with a khaki color for the walls, a white trim, and a marble white ceiling. You can see these colors with Lowe’s online painter to see what it might look like.

Be sure to look for pictures later this evening when the contractors finish.

Basement Project: Day 5…Drywall is a comin!

Looks like the drywallers made significant progress today. Check it out!

Basement Project: Day 4 – Let there be light!

Day 4 of the basement project brings a few good things to the table: recessed lighting and switches! Other than that, a the rest of the insulation is in place and the last storage closet was built (where the washer and dryer used to be).

Basement Project: Days 2&3

Quite a bit more progress from the contractors on Friday and Saturday. All of the framing is up and insulation is about halfway complete. It looks like the majority of the electrical work is complete as well. I’m guessing they’ll start the drywalling on Monday. More pics and progress to come!

Basement Project: Day 1

I know it’s only been a day, but the contractors have made awesome progress with the demolition. As you can see, the wall paneling has been ripped out, the drop ceiling is gone, and some of the electrical work has been gutted out.  I can kinda start to see what it will look like after only one day.

Basement Project Begins!

Here are some pictures of the basement as it stands today. The renovation begins tomorrow and will last a few weeks. I will post pictures as I see progress; I am really excited!!

Must click links for the week

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There you have it.

Must read news for the week

I’ll try to do this on a weekly basis. Here are my must read news stories for the week!






Organize Your Bookmarks

I just spent the last 20 minutes organizing my bookmarks–for good this time. I just discovered Xmarks, a tool that synchronizes your bookmarks for use anywhere (not just one computer anymore). I know it has been out for a long time, but I really think it is worth nothing once again here.

Spend some time and organize your bookmarks. Like a filing cabinet, they can get out of hand very quickly if left untouched. After you are done, sign up for an Xmarks account, synchronize your bookmarks, download the corresponding plugin for your browser, and you’re on your way.

Check it out!