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Bracketology with Tom

So I just finished my bracket and wanted to share it with everyone.

Who wins it all?

Cause they’re awesome…that’s why; seriously, but I said this from the day that they played MSU in the Maui Invitational. Kemba Walker is a beast and will be the gem of the tournament. This team is young, hungry, and stacked with talent. They can outrun and out-shoot anyone. Uconn over…wait for it….

Notre Dame!

WHAT? No, I’m not doing this just because it’s St. Patrick’s day. Notre Dame will be the (high-ranked) darkhorse of the tournament. I like all of their match-ups and the play of Ben Hansbrough. Notre Dame is the Cinderella of this year’s tournament.

Final Four
North Carolina, UConn, Notre Dame, and Pitt.

Look for Pitt to falter and lose momentum after a series of tough, tough games in their region. Notre Dame will be on the up-and-up and get the upper hand. I really like North Carolina over OSU to make it into the FF.

Biggest Upset
UM over Duke. Look…I effin hate the stupid Wolverines…but they’ve played with many top teams to the very last second (including OSU twice) and have hardly been defeated by double-digit margins all season. Duke won’t take them seriously and Hardaway Jr. will spread his wings and become a star.

Next Biggest Upset
Missouri over Cinci in round one. Missou is playing inspired basketball and has gained quite a bit of momentum. Their fast guard play should be enough to conquer overrated Cinci.

5 v 12 Matchups
All 5 seeds will win this year. There will be no upsets. The match-ups are just bad for the 12’s. The one who has the best shot is probably Richmond, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Spartans…how do they fare?
Not too well. I actually truly believe that we have what it takes to get out of the first round. But we have a pretty awful draw against Florida, who is nearly unstoppable right now. If Summers comes to life and Kebler and the elves get their boots out of the fudge, we have a chance. We’re asking this team to click for two games in a row when we haven’t seen any evidence of that this season (cue MSU vs. Purdue and then MSU vs. Penn State). Consistency is key in tournament and the Spartans just don’t have it this year.

Here’s my finished bracket so that you can copy me and be awesome too:
Tom’s Bracket

One thought on “Bracketology with Tom

  • Groller
    March 16, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Tom, You crazy!


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