HTML 5…CSS3…does it really matter? There are other issues that need addressing first…

Why should we actually care about the new HTML 5 “standard” and the new CSS3 spec? It’s not like browsers are going to stop rendering CCS2 or HTML4 for that matter. The W3C has all of these standards to help “standarize” the web, but there are no consequences if they are not followed. For instance, I can write the following code on a webpage and it will still render correctly:


This should not be acceptable. I didn’t define a DocType, encoding, or namespace for the HTML tags. Hell, I didn’t even close my paragraph tag. These are heavily pushed and validated against from the W3C, yet it doesn’t matter (in most cases) if we don’t use them as they are suggested. Sure, there are issues with screen readers and such, but I’d argue that that “punishment” isn’t enough. If I don’t specify a DOCTYPE properly, I should see an error output that tells me , “Line 0, no DOCTYPE defined.”

All other programming languages do this. “But Tom…it’s a mark up language… it’s XML based.” So? I don’t care. The browsers should be smart enough and act as “compilers” for this markup and really punish the user for not coding properly. If I forget a semicolon anywhere in PHP, my page doesn’t render. This is how it should be.

Lastly, CSS3 is touted as new and improved as well…yet it’s not coupled with the HTML 5 spec. You’ve gotta be kidding me right? Pick up any HTML or web development book written in the past 10 years and try really hard NOT to find CSS anywhere. We’re taught as developers to use CSS to create separation between our markup and style, yet they separate the two specs as if they’re not even related. How can this be taken seriously?

Combine HTML/CSS (and even Javascript for that matter) and make it one entity. HTML/CSS are the view, the Javascript the model and controller. It should be defined as the web language. Maybe HTMLScript or something to that effect. Let’s get serious about web development. Treat it seriously, take it seriously, and the web will have less problems.