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Tucker Stilley custom KeyStrokes Layout For Logic Pro

In 1998, Lee Abramson a musician with ALS, released the Album “Toxic Charm” under the nom de plume “Ace Noface” and sent out a press release with the words “ALS” and “musician” in the header. Tucker Stilley  another musician with Lou Gehrig’s disease, had a news aggregator sniffing for these words contacted Abramson via e-mail

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How I Learned to Rely on My Own Memory and Stop Depending on Technology

Get Smarter by Realizing Youre Not That Great via How I Learned to Rely on My Own Memory and Stop Depending on Technology.

7 Habits of Extraordinary People

Dumb Little Man – Tips for Life via 7 Habits of Extraordinary People.

The Best Windows 8 Features That’ll Make You Upgrade Now (MSFT, AAPL)

New features are not always better features. I admire what Microsoft is doing and hope that these new changes bring about a better user interface overall. My instinct tells me that the new interface does more harm than good, but I’ll withdraw my comments until I can actually experience it. Will you be making the

Spartans 11th, Wolverines 19th in Associated Press football poll

MSU via Spartans 11th, Wolverinesth in Associated Press football poll. What a battle it will be this year. I think MSU and UM are the top two teams in The Big 10…it just sucks that they’re in the same division. Love or hate UM and State, they both have great teams and fatal flaws. The

A New Year, No Reservations.

Last year, I made several New Years resolutions. Heck, I even partially achieved some of them. While it was motivating to have resolutions, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are really just large-scale goals that we try to cram into one year. This creates unintended pressure that actually works against us. For example, in


I wanted to give my page some color and style, so I just finished a page refresh/redesign. I kept my same logo, but put more emphasis on the page structure. My last design felt incomplete and colorless. I hope this one sticks for awhile.

Basement Before & After

This is always the best part…looking at the before & after of a project. Let’s take a look at what my basement transformed into:

Basement Update

The basement is almost done. Check out my latest video to see the progress! Basement Update