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Facebook + Skype: What does it mean?

There are rumors floating around that Facebook and Skype are in talks about integrating Skype service into Facebook. Hello video chat and potentially voice calls! Even though Google has this in-chat video technology today, we all know Facebook doesn’t want any part of it. Given Google’s lack-of success in the social media space, Skype integration into Facebook could put the final dagger through Google’s social media campaign.

While this all sounds great to most people, I believe that the service integration will just be too much. I don’t know about you, but I only video chat with those friends that are close to me emotionally, but not in distance.

I used to love the simplicity of Facebook. It let me find my friends, send them an occasional update, and maybe even invite them to events. Sorry, but I don’t want to chat with you. I don’t want to see all of your wicked scores from Mafia Wars. I don’t even want to see what you have for sale in the Marketplace. Please stop trying to make Facebook the jack of all trades. It is a social media app, not an iPhone.

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