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How sweet it is…

I am on a mission to lose 25lbs by November 8th for my wedding in Cancun, MX. Aside from the usual, and often forgotten, pledge to eat better and exercise, I sat down to think about what seems to always impede my progress of weight loss. While eating a donut and drinking chocolate milk, it hit me! I’m clearly not eating enough sweets! Er…wait a minute. Shit. I need to put down the sweets. I know this sounds trivial and obvious, but when’s the last the time you found it easy to not eat cake or chocolate after a meal or during the day? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was purely addicted to sugar.

I thought back to my childhood and how my mother used to prepare desserts after every meal. I have gotten so used to that and have carried on the tradition in my household. While I’m not the expert baker that my mother is, I often find myself munching on Oreos and other sweets after meals. After lunch, it became pretty normal for me to grab a candy bar or other chocolate to fulfill my need for dessert. I would even mask this need by buying especially sugary and sweet cereals and having a bowl after meals. “Oh, this isn’t a dessert, ” I would think to myself as I down an entire bowl of Oreo-os or Chocolate Cheerios. Heck, I would even eat a cookie or two for breakfast because who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast?

It was bad. The cravings were immensely terrible. I was addicted. Now…I have been dessert free for three weeks and it feels GREAT. Sure, I have a bite of a cookie or sweet bread every now and then, but I do NOT crave them one bit. I started counting the times where I would normally have a dessert and it’s astonishing. Whether it be impromptu visits from the future mother-in-law, weddings, or nights out a restaurant, I have passed on them all. I will continue to fight through this desire and strive for a more healthy life. It CAN be done.

I firmly believe food additions are as difficult to overcome as smoking. Give up desserts and high-sugary foods. Quit now. Don’t give yourself cheat days. Quit! Cheat days and other excuses give yourself more reasons to eat the foods which cause addiction. Give them up and you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel. Your cravings will be gone and you’ll start not wanting the desserts as often.

I’d love to have a discussion if anyone wants to reach out to me! Have you done this? Was it easy? What are some tips you have to offer? I’ll post a follow-up on my progress in a month or so. GOOD LUCK!


2 thoughts on “How sweet it is…

  • Annette
    August 23, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Tom! I did this. But I love sweets so much I couldn’t cut them out. So I didn’t consider it a cheat day, but once a week I would allow myself ice cream. I wouldn’t buy it from the grocery store, cause if its in the house I won’t be able to say no, but I would go out and get ice cream once a week. And because I knew my treat was coming, I could say no the rest of the week, and afterwards. And now, I’ve cut it down even more by trying to only have frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. And I do have less cravings (although not lately cause they have dessert always at work, boooo).

  • Cookie Monster
    August 29, 2013 at 12:02 am

    C is for cookie! I like me cookies! YUM-YUM!


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