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Laughing Out Loud lol

What does “lol” mean to you? Does one REALLY laugh out loud when they type “lol” during a conversation? I don’t. Sorry! In fact, I only laugh out loud when I say something to the effect of, “haha I literally just laughed out loud.” I personally think “lol” is a bit overused and has lost its meaning. Do you use it at all? How do you convey when you are actually laughing out loud?

I’ve noticed that quite a few people say “lol” after a statement that THEY believe to be funny. Is it then rude to not say “lol” back to the person if you really didn’t laugh? Think about how ridiculous that really is… if you have a conversation with one of your friends in person and laugh after something you say, yet they do not, you feelĀ embarrassedĀ and eventually change the subject. Yeah well that doesn’t seem to happen online. It seems like the conversation always goes something like this:

Billy – Hey, I just peed all over myself. lol!
Tony – Ew, Gross!
Billy – Yeah but then my dog licked it and it was even funnier lmao
Tony – Nice man
Billy – Yeah it smells so bad lol

Here, you’ve gotta feel for Billy. The guy is trying to humor Tony, but Tony doesn’t seem to “lol” back. I mean if Billy were to tell that story in person, he would probably add a bit of flare and act it out and it would probably spark a laugh or two. Billy can’t do that here and Tony now just sounds uninterested and lost. Poor Billy.

I have a lot of friends who do this. Has “lol” become the ultimate “filler” in a conversation to cue the other person to laugh? It sure seems like it.

Stop. Think about it. When do you ACTUALLY laugh out loud? Do we need yet another acronym to save us from lol-Hell. Should it be alol (actually laughing out loud) or will that just become yet another misused and misunderstood acronym?

Day one of lol detox. Save yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Laughing Out Loud lol

  • Chelsea Figlan
    October 22, 2012 at 10:30 am

    I usually am just smiling at something someone said if I put “lol”. When I’m actually laughing out loud I’ll put “LOL”, “lmao”, or “I’m loling” (Yes, I did just make ‘lol’ a verb). I feel as though “haha” is used the same way as “lol”, just conversation filler.

  • MikeMac
    July 23, 2014 at 1:21 pm


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