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Resolutions: A Check-In

It has been nearly five months since I created my New Years Resolutions and I am here today to reflect upon my goals. I think it is important.

1) Weight-loss (PASSING)

I have lost 13 pounds since I first started trying to lose weight in January. The waist is getting smaller and I am feeling great. I recently joined Bally’s and have started a new work-out program. So far so good!

2) Read More, Learn More (FAILING)

While I have read a bit more since January, I wouldn’t call it enough for satisfaction. My original intent was to read more while learning about various topics. I need to get on that. This is my #1 priority.

3) Friends (PASSING)

I really sat down and identified who my true friends were and I have made it a point to talk to them and visit as frequently as possible. I feel good about this one.

4) Stand Up (PASS/FAIL)

I really want to get this off the ground. I have material and just need to buckle down and practice it. I’m really excited about doing a show in the near future!

5) Back off of Technology and Do Other Non-Techy Stuff (FAIL)

I bought an iPad. Nuff said.

6) Prepare to Go to Grad School (FAIL)

I’ve been looking into going back to school, but I have to make a few career decisions first before I can really get serious about it. Will I start school this year? I don’t know, but if I stay in MI I most certainly will!

So as you can see, I’m failing pretty badly on my resolutions. At least I acknowledge it. I’ll do another check-in in four months and hopefully you’ll see more green than red.

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One thought on “Resolutions: A Check-In

  • jenny
    April 20, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    You do realize that most people have 1 resolution, fail at in weeks and then forget about it for the rest of the year. Right? The fact that you have made progress in half of yours is more than commendable! Keep it up!

    Love you!!!

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