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Simplify your Mobile Development with this SASS Mixin

Responsive Development can be painful when you have to worry about all of the different breakpoints in your code. Developing in SASS makes it a bit easier since you can assign your breakpoints to variables, however it doesn’t solve the problem of the duplicated @media selectors throughout your .scss code. Not to mention, you have to separate the code for your class from the code for your class at a certain breakpoint.

By using this mixin, that all changes. It does two things for you:

  1. Generates the media query statement automatically at the breakpoint “name” you specify
  2. Allows you to keep your regular css code in the same place as your mobile-specific code.

This mixin uses SASS maps (introduced in 3.3 so make sure you’re upgraded) to specify breakpoint names mapped to sizes and generates a media query statement at the mapped size.

The mixin

The Example

Output CSS code


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