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Tucker Stilley custom KeyStrokes Layout For Logic Pro

In 1998, Lee Abramson a musician with ALS, released the Album “Toxic Charm” under the nom de plume “Ace Noface” and sent out a press release with the words “ALS” and “musician” in the header. Tucker Stilley  another musician with Lou Gehrig’s disease, had a news aggregator sniffing for these words contacted Abramson via e-mail telling about KeyStrokes an on-screen type-ahead keyboard that helps people with mobility impairments use their computers with one finger.

Tucker Stilley Layout

Stilley also sent out a Layout (Above) that automate and simplify common functions in Logic Pro, the Digital Audio Workstation they both use, that normally would require 2 hands. Most importantly, cut (skull/scissors) copy, and paste (school of fish).

Abramson has said “What I do musically wouldn’t be remotely possible without KeyStrokes and Tucker Stilley’s layout”

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