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Why Drew Stanton will start Sunday

Rather than go with a fresh, young Drew Stanton as the starter for Sunday against the Bills, the Lions announced that a one-armed Shaun Hill will start. This tells you one of two things:

1) Drew Stanton is not very highly thought of in the Lions organization
2) The Lions have something up their sleeves

I’m going to elect to go with # 2, and here’s why. Jim Schwartz made it very clear today that he was upset with the media and its assumptions about Matt Stafford’s injury. Much of the media has written Stafford off for the remainder of the season and Schwartz took exception to that. He said something to the effect of the media was scouting for the opposition.


Now why is this so important? Schwartz is cornered. The Bills know Stafford won’t play at all now and they will consequently lick their chops for an inexperienced Drew Stanton coming in on the road. Schwartz knows this and wants to not only protect Stanton, but insert a bit of trickery into the equation. This is why I believe Shaun Hill is merely a decoy. To save his job, Schwartz cannot afford to lose anotherĀ consecutiveĀ road game, not to mention against the worst team in the league. He’s desperate. He wants to do what he can to make sure the Lions offense won’t suffer.

Stanton isn’t a gun-slinging, amazingly accurate QB. He has a solid arm, but relies on his legs to get the job done. I believe the Lions realize this and will run a wildcat offense with Stanton against a Bills team who now (wink wink) is preparing for the pocket-passing Hill– they’re probably dialing up a few zero blitzes to break Hill’s other arm.

Hill. Decoy. Stanton. Wildcat.

Word Play

The other thing that may happen is that Hill will *start* but Stanton will take the majority of the snaps. Notice how Schwartz said “baring any setbacks, Hill will start?” I really don’t believe the Lions will leave Hill in the game the entire time.

That bad?

If Stanton was that bad to where an injured Hill is getting the start over him, why do the Lions still have Drew Stanton on their roster? Wouldn’t they have cut him by now? Something is going on and we’re about to find out Sunday.

Stay tuned. I hope I’m right.

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